LBA Annual General Election Meeting Set For Oct. 12

Updated Sunday September 10, 2017 by John Martin.

The Loveland Baseball Association will hold its annual general election meeting on Oct. 12. During this time, elections for several board positions, as well as election of the next year's President, will be held. There are at least four board member slots available for election for a two-year term, though several have expressed interest in re-election.

Per the LBA Bylaws, the process for nominating (nominations submitted with both nominator and nominees' name and contact information no later than Oct. 2 to and election to the LBA Board of Directors is as follows:

1.1Number and Qualifications.

The business, affairs, activities, and property of LBA shall be managed, directed, governed, and controlled, and the power of LBA shall be vested in and exercised by a Board of Directors composed of an odd number of not less than seven (7) Directors.

The Directors elected to the Board of Directors shall fill the following designations: (i) the four (4) officers of LBA which comprise the Executive Committee; and, (ii) the at least three (3) at large Directors which are not Officers.

No decrease in the number of Directors shall shorten the term of office of any incumbent Director.  All Directors shall be natural persons of the age of eighteen (18) years or older, but Directors need not be residents of the State of Colorado.

1.1Election and Term of Office.

Directors shall serve a two (2) year term, with eligibility for reelection for consecutive terms. Directors shall hold such Office until the expiration of their term and until the next annual meeting and in which his or her successor shall be elected and shall qualify.  At each annual meeting of the Board of Directors, successors to the Directors whose term has expired shall be elected in the manner hereinafter provided. By resolution, the Board of Directors may provide for staggering the terms of Directors so approximately one-third (1/3) of the Directors are elected every two (2) years.


  1. Nomination and Election.

Directors may be nominated in any number by any member of the Board of Directors or an officer of LBA.  The names of all persons nominated shall be submitted to the Board of Directors at least ten (10) days prior to each meeting at which Directors are to be elected.  Directors shall be elected from the persons nominated upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the entire Board of Directors.  Outgoing directors (except directors removed pursuant to Section 3.5) shall be entitled to vote in the election of Directors and for all other purposes at such meeting.  The term of office of any newly elected Director shall commence immediately upon adjournment of the meeting at which he or she was elected, except as otherwise provided in Section 3.5 with respect to a Director elected to fill a vacancy or a Director elected at other than an annual meeting to fill a position resulting from an increase in the number of Directors.  All Directors shall serve until resignation or until their successors have been duly elected and qualified.


Once nominations are submitted and approved, the nominees will be invited to the location of the annual meeting to appear before the current board for discussion and voting on by the Board of Directors.

If there are any questions, please let the Board know at

LBA Bylaws